Pager call systems for bars and restaurants


Make work procedures in your restaurant or bar easier and more discreet, even when it is really loud

The nightlife work pressure and sound level can be extremely high and it can be difficult to come in contact with each other. MultiTeknik’s Restaurant & Bar Pager System can make communication and work procedures much easier for your staff.

Call a supervisor or table cleaner with a single click

With a single press you can call the supervisor, table cleaner or any other member of staff to the bar, wardrobe, entrance hall or wherever you need help. Restaurant & Bar Pager System usually consists of a number of touch panels with 5 or more keys (max. 24), each with a description of its task and each covering a location, such as the bar, entrance hall or wardrobe. The staff, who must be able to receive the call, are each equipped with a wireless pager with display, vibration and buzzer. It is as simple as that!

Pager with vibration and buzzer and automatic acknowledgment option.

The receiver has stand-by time of 30 hours after being charged for 10 hours.

A transmitter typically consists of a touch panel with five or more keys – each with a task description.

During evacuation – avoid panic with a digital alarm transmitter

Restaurant & Bar Pager System is not just a call system. With a digital alarm transmitter, you can monitor many other things. This way you can send direct messages to the evacuation staff, thereby getting them in place without the guests’ noticing it. This reduces the risk of panic and unnecessary chaos in connection with the evacuation of the premises. Extra security for both customers and staff.

Get notified when fire doors are opened

The responsible staff will be notified in case a fire door is unnecessarily opened. Restaurant & Bar Pager System is designed to prevent accidents and, if an accident occurs, to reduce the extent of damage.

Receive alarms in case of failure in your technical installations

You can also use Restaurant & Bar Pager System to monitor the temperature in your refrigeration equipment. If the temperature reaches a critical level, an alarm will go off and you will be then able to take the necessary precautions. As a responsible person, it is in many cases a good idea to receive all alarms triggered in the course of an evening. This allows you to keep track of what is going on throughout your establishment.

It is easy to recode the pager

And of course, you can even recode the pager yourself, if there are calls/alarms you do not want to receive or if you want other staff to receive specific calls/alarms. In addition to improving the internal communications, Restaurant & Bar Pager System increases the security and provides a better overview.

What is more, the system is completely wireless and you do not need an engineer to set it up

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MultiTeknik’s pager solutions are used in restaurants and bars all over the country