Attractive offers for full restaurant pager systems

Make the work procedures in your restaurant, bar and kitchen much easier

With completely discreet and wireless communication, MultiTeknik’s Pager System makes the work procedures in your restaurant and bar much easier. Send a discreet pager message from the kitchen or bar to the staff in the restaurant.


Attractive package deals on pager receiver and restaurant call systems

The work pressure in the restaurant business can be extremely high and it can be difficult to get in contact with each other on a hectic working day or evening. MultiTeknik’s Restaurant & Bar Pager System can make communication and work procedures much easier for your staff. With a single press on a call panel located in the kitchen or at the bar, an employee in the restaurant can receive a message as soon as an order is ready – and it is up to you to choose whether vibration and beeper should be active.

PACKAGE 1: 1 call panel + 2 pagers – DKK 3,999

PACKAGE 2: 1  call panel + 3 pagers – DKK 4,866

PACKAGE 3: 1 call panel + 4 pagers – DKK 5,660

PACKAGE 4: 1 call panel + 5 pagers – DKK 6,800

PACKAGE 5: 1 call panel + 6 pagers – DKK 7,566

All prices are excl. VAT. All prices include repeater/amplifier. The displayed offers are with pager receiver which does not support sending text messages

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us by email to  or call us on +45 66 12 25 51.

MultiTeknik has more than 10 years of experience with pager/call systems, and our products are 100% made in Denmark.

Customers using MultiTeknik’s service paging systems