Customer counting system – get started in less than an hour!

Optimise the sales in your store with up-to-date information about your customers

MultiTeknik’s People Counter is a newly developed customer counting system that gives you a wealth of valuable information about the customers in your establishment:

  • How many customers visit your store?
    Compare visitor counts to actual sales.
  • When during the day do your customers arrive?
    The customer counting system gives you good information when planning rosters and opening hours.
  • Hour by hour – day by day registration
    All information can be retrieved when planning your offers and marketing campaigns.
  • Measure several entry points simultaneously
    If there are several entrances to your store, you can also measure the customer flow in relation to the different entrances.
  • Measure many places in your store
    MultiTeknik’s customer counting system can be installed in many places at your store, thus giving you basis for better management of customer traffic in the establishment.
  • Measure several stores using one and the same system
    If you have several stores, it is also possible to compare these to each other.

The only limit is your own imagination. With an overview of the customer flow and your customers’ behaviour in the store, you get unparalleled opportunities for organising and optimising the store design and your sales and marketing campaigns. There is a lot of money to collect by proceeding professionally and systematically and choosing a customer counting system!

Get started, quick as lightning, with your new customer counting system

Getting started is quite easy and simple. You will need nothing more than an outlet and access to a PC. Place the customer counter in the doorway or where you would like the measurement to be made. It will now register all visitors and will send the data wirelessly to your PC. Forget about the tons of cables and expensive setup. At the same time, the system is so flexible that you can place customer counters all around the premises and thus read customer traffic in your store. Once again, this can result in measures for steering the traffic in your desired direction!


Reports can be handled by anyone

MultiTeknik has emphasised that it has to be easy and straightforward to get the relevant information from your customer counting systems. All reports and graphs can be retrieved without any special knowledge in analysis or IT. You choose yourself whether to view the measurements as data or as easy-to-read graphics. All the reports you need are just a few clicks away.

Customer counting device

Simple and wireless sensor technology

Customer registration uses simple sensor technology. Experience shows that the customers’ behaviour, clothing  and possibly handbags and shopping bags on them can cause some deviations in the number of customers registered by the sensor. Therefore, the system’s registrations can only be regarded as indicative and not as a precise measure of the actual number of customers. MultiTeknik’s customer counting system can come with LAN support, where data is collected on a central computer.

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