OEM – promote our solutions under your own name


OEM solutions – pagers, customer counting systems, entrance registration systems

For more than 20 years, MultiTeknik has been creating a wide range of systems for different industries. Most of these products are created on the basis of customer requests.

New and well thought out electronics

With MultiTeknik’s brand new and well thought out electronics and software platform creating a brand new product is a piece of cake. Thanks to the adaptable platform on which all our products are built, MultiTeknik has considered all ideas that should be considered when it comes to hardware, software and wireless solutions.

When MultiTeknik receives an inquiry about a product/system, it is often a matter of customising software to create a brand new product or system.

Customised solutions in small series

Our many products can be delivered with your own logo and front design, so they appear completely as your own products

Precisely because all products are built on one and the same platform, MultiTeknik has gradually produced a very large output of individual components. This means that even very small series (25-50) can be delivered at prices you could never even come close to.

If you calculate what a small series would cost you if you were to develop and design your new product on your own, it will often turn out that you will not be able to sell it with profit. If you use MultiTeknik’s platform, you will achieve a price of approx. 1/4 of the price you would have if you start from scratch.