We increase the security of your customers and your staff

MultiTeknik delivers complete alarm systems, customer counting systems, visit counting systems and registration systems. In addition, MultiTeknik designs customised solutions based on individual needs.

Common to all our solutions is that they give you valuable information about the behaviour of your customers and guests as well as increase the security of your staff and guests.

Pager systems for restaurants and bars

MultiTeknik’s Restaurant & Bar Pager Systems can make communication and work procedures much easier for your staff – Restaurant and bar pager systems


Special offers for complete restaurant pager call systems

Attractive package deals on pager receiver and restaurant call systems – Special offers for pager call systems


Install a new customer counting system in less than an hour

MultiTeknik People Counter gives you a wealth of valuable information about the customers in your establishment – MultiTeknik customer counting systems for stores


Entrance registration systems for discotheques and nightclubs

MultiTeknik Entrance Registration is a sensational counting device that ensures control over the number of paying customers in your discotheque or nightclub – MultiTeknik entrance registration systems


Tæller til fadøl systemer

Count systems for draught beer dispensers

Competitively priced beer count system with an option for wireless collection of data to a computer.

Count and log systems for draught beer dispensers


OEM solutions – pagers, customer counting systems, entrance registration systems

With our electronics and software platform, it is easy to create a brand new product that you can sell in your own name – OEM pagers, customer counting systems and entrance registration systems