Information technology for draft beer dispensing systems

Stand-alone/manual beer count systems

Our new 6-channel beer count system for up to 6 beer taps is very easy to install and use. With a small flow sensor (approved by breweries) mounted on beer hose, number of litres dispensed at a given beer tap is registered on MultiTeknik’s beer count system.

Number of litres dispensed since the last reset can be read on a small display.

The draft beer counter is reset by a 4-digit code of your choice.

A technician/cleaning code is used prior to cleaning, so no litres are counted during cleaning.

The counters also comes with battery backup, so they remain fully operational even during power failure (up to 6 hours).

MultiTeknik’s beer counters also have a CO2 stop, which means that when you run out of beer, and foam/CO2 starts to come out of the beer tap, it will not be counted.

Wireless data collection with MultiTeknik Wireless USB Link

If you want your beer counters (unlimited number) to be read and reset without your having to move around to read the counters via the display – MultiTeknik has a great solution:

Using a small link module connected to a PC, you can do everything from a PC. All data from an unlimited number of counters can now be retrieved in less than 10-30 seconds with a single click on your PC. Data can be saved as a CSV file on your computer. After reading the data, reset can be performed from your computer.

A number of parameters can be entered in MultiTeknik’s Beer Link Software so that the following information is included in your CSV file:

  • Counter number
  • Tap number
  • Beer product name
  • Location / Name of bar
  • Number of litres

One of the world’s largest beer suppliers/beer brands buys beer counters from MultiTeknik, something we are very proud of and something which testifies to a great respect for our products.


Diagram of 6-channel (300 m) beer counting system