Wireless systems for the busy working environments in many different business sectors

Hotels – Production facilities – Warehouses – Offices – Physicians and clinics – Retail stores – Restaurants – Amusement parks – Museums – Libraries – Cafés – Bars – Expos – Automobile industry – Traffic control centres – Nightclubs



Kundetællere til butikker

Customer counting systems

MultiTeknik’s newly developed customer counting systems give you a wealth of valuable information about the customers in your establishment.

Customer counting systems for stores

Tjenerkald - tjener pager

Service paging systems (special offers!)

Make the work procedures in your restaurant much easier with a service paging system, from the kitchen to the waiter/waitress.

Special offers for service paging systems


Area counter - områdetæller

Area Counter/Customer counting system

Area Counter gives you an overview of the number of guests or customers in a certain area.

Area Counter


Restaurant og bar pager

Restaurant and café pager systems

Make the work procedures in your restaurant much easier and more discreet. With MultiTeknik’s restaurant pager system, customers can simply call a waiter/waitress when they need service.



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PC baseret pager system - Besked fra pc til modtager

PC-based pager systems

With a small and simple software solution from MultiTeknik and a USB transmitter you can send text messages to a number of encoded receivers. A truly powerful and inexpensive pager system. For warehouses, hotels, production facilities and many more.

PC-based pager systems



Many different applications

Control – Registration– Counting– Event logging – Pager systems – Customer counting systems – Pager systems with text messages – Beer count systems – Entrance registration systems – Service paging systems – PC-based pager systems – OEM design or customised systems.