Entrance registration systems for discotheques and nightclubs

MultiTeknik Entrance Registration System is a sensational counting device that keeps secure control of the number of paying customers in discotheques and nightclubs.

Trust is good, control is better

  • There are industries and lines of business where control of paying visitors is simply a necessity for profit reasons.
  • Secured entrance fee revenue.
  • Immediate savings and better management.
  • The counter is reset after use by means of PIN code.
  • Very simple installation. Simply connect the device to 230 V.
  • Choose between ultraviolet (invisible) or visible printing.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • CE-marked.

An alarm is triggered in the counter in case of power failure. A log indicates the number of power outages and their duration. Alarm mode can only be reset by entering a PIN code.

Secured entrance fee revenue

The number of customers is registered by an electronic counting device whose counting function cannot be deceived. Power outages will be logged and an alarm will indicate that there has been a new power outage. The device comes with a PIN code available only to the person in charge. Apparatet kan nulstilles efter brug eller ved personaleskift ved hjælp af pinkoden.

Registration of up to 300 metres from the entrance area

In many places, the owner him/herself is at the check-in counter, literally for the sake of security. This is not necessary with MultiTeknik’s Entrance Registration System. The counter can be installed in the office and thus register up to 300 metres from the entrance area, so staff only have to perform the physical stamping, and do not need to have access to the electronic registration. The counter can, of course, be installed at the entrance as well. The system comes with a 2-year guarantee.


Printing ink in four colours

Printing ink is available in four “visible” colours: black, blue, green and red. Also available in three “invisible” UV colours: red, blue and yellow.

Refilling of ink

When refilling ink, it is very important to apply only a little ink on the pad. The pad must never be wet, only damp. Puden må aldrig være våd, kun fugtig. When the right amount is added, ink will be fed only to the text on the rubber print.

After use

After use, it is very important to rinse the stamp with clean water and dry it with a tissue so that there is no old ink on the stamp. Always read the counter before cleaning.

Counter installation and testing

Connect the counter to 230 V, and it is now ready for use. At the touch of skin, the customer is registered in the display. Reset the counter using the PIN code.

Forget the cash register with new receipt printer

MultiTeknik’s Entrance Registration System comes with a receipt printer. The receipt printer system prints a receipt every time a customer receives a stamp on the hand. According to legislation, a receipt must be issued at the time of purchase. With MultiTeknik’s new Entrance Registration System with receipt printer, you no longer need a cash register at the entrance.

Technical data


  • Stamp: Height 120 mm. Diameter 32 mm.
  • Counter: Height 90 mm. Width 180 mm. Depth 26 mm.
  • Logo print: Diameter 32 mm.


  • Stamp 120 g
  • Holder 810 g
  • Counter 200 g


  • Counter, voltage 230 V 50 Hz

Power consumption

  • Counter, max 10 watt