Pagers/call systems for petrol stations and 24-hour shops

Communications in large stores with limited staff

Petrol stations, 24-hour shops and similar stores know it all too well: the load can fluctuate incredibly and unpredictably over a working day. Staffing levels need to be kept reasonable and the staff must keep track of the store, warehouse and outside area.

MultiTeknik has developed pager solutions so that employees can be reached at all times, whether they are in the warehouse or outside the building. The signal can be sent by colleagues or can be triggered by someone going through the door. This makes the premises more peaceful, with no annoying bells or alarms.

MultiTeknik is mainly famous for designing and selling pager call systems for restaurants. The development of a pager specifically designed for petrol stations and 24-hour shops is an example of MultiTeknik’s solutions being used in many other industries.