Advanced customised pager solutions

MultiTeknik develops pager solutions for many different industries

A pager (also known as beeper or personal locator) is a wireless communication device that receives and/or sends discreet text and/or voice messages.

MultiTeknik is a leading Danish company in the field of pager technology. Over the years it has delivered a myriad of standard solutions to restaurants, bars, shops and hospitals.

However, MultiTeknik can do so much more than that. Below we describe solutions where our pager technology is used in completely different areas to the traditional ones.


Pagers for Dagrofa’s warehouse

Dagrofa has replaced the driver bell with a pager solution.

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Pagers for small shops with few employees

MultiTeknik has designed a pager solution specifically targeted at filling stations and 24-hour shops.

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Consumption monitoring in draft beer dispensing systems

MultiTeknik has designed technology for monitoring the beer consumption in draft beer dispensing systems.

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