PC-based pager systems

Send short messages to employees from your computer

With MultiTeknik’s “Pager Call” PC software, you can send short text messages to one or several employees equipped with a small pager receiver.

The small software can very easily be installed on a Windows PC and connected to a MultiTeknik transmitter via USB.

As soon as you need to send a message to a person who carries a pager receiver – first select who is to receive a message and then what message is to be sent. After that, press “Send”.


Unbelievably easy to use

The user interface of the software is very easy to use and can be adapted just according to your needs.

The bundled software (basic version) supports 10 recipients, who are either individuals or groups.

With a right-click, each of the 10 recipients can be directed to the best matching nickname considering the person to operate the system and the person/group to send a message to.

There are also ten permanent message keys. By right-clicking you can rename the message keys to the standard text you want. The messages can contain 2 x 11 characters of your choice.

In addition, there is “enter your own text”. With this key you can freely write a text message on your keyboard to the person you want to send a message to, followed by “Send message”